Storm Warning

Detect Fake Companies in Real Time

A unique data product that leverages artificial intelligence to tackle Mini Umbrella Company fraud. Gain clarity, act faster and reduce risk in your supply chain.


Protect your company from MUC Fraud today.


MUC Fraud is rising

Tens of thousands of fraudulent mini-umbrella companies are created every year to abuse employment allowance and commit VAT fraud. But detecting those companies requires time-consuming manual investigation.


Why MUC Fraud matters


Fake Companies

Set up in the UK between 2017-2021.

£100 million

Lost tax revenue

Due to Mini Umbrella fraud schemes.

Financial risk

Reputational harm

For failure to remove fraudulent companies.

An innovative early warning system

Storm Warning gives credit reference companies and supply chain professionals early warning of fake companies likely to be associated with Mini Umbrella fraud. Our sophisticated models have learned the patterns of suspicious behaviour and provide users with a list of organisations that present a heightened risk of fraud.


Gain clarity

Find vital information that isn’t otherwise available, using Tech City Labs’ RealTimeFinancials data set and DataNexus indexing platform.


Reduce risk

Determine early in your due diligence if there is cause for caution and extra attention.


Act faster

Details of newly registered companies are available within minutes of data becoming available via Companies House.

Make due diligence easier

Storm Warning delivers insights directly to users, through daily data files, an API integration or email alerts via Tech City Labs’ monitoring system. Saving you time, money and effort.

Is your financial professional protecting you from Mini Umbrella Company fraud? Be confident in your supply chain with Storm Warning.



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