Everything you need to know

The Data Intelligence Agency

A full service data agency providing the insights your competitors miss. Better decisions, stronger positions and greater clarity.


We solve business challenges using data

Our data products and services respond to deliver real world solutions to specific business challenges


Fill the gaps

We make sense of your data needs and provide the information you can’t get elsewhere.


Join the dots

We cross-reference, format and seamlessly integrate data into your systems. 

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See the whole picture  

We analyse your data and deliver actionable insights that enable better decision making. 

Why we exist

Turning data into profit

In today’s world, every business is a data business. Tech City Labs helps you realise the potential of that data and convert it into a competitive advantage.

Leveraging decades of experience working on data systems, we deliver data products and services that help your business reach its corporate potential. We index dozens of data sources into our cutting-edge Data Nexus platform, delivering the data and insights you need.


Our products

Our products are built to solve your toughest business problems and help you make more profitable decisions.


Storm Warning

Know who you’re doing business with. Company registration fraud is rife in the UK. Storm Warning detects risk signals and locates suspicious behaviour in the supply chain.


Business Reference File

The most comprehensive and authoritative reference file of UK trading businesses, complete with trading address and VAT status. 


Realtime Financials

Skip the 3-4 day wait from traditional agencies to receive Companies House financial data within ten minutes of filling.


Infolink Gazette

A complete database revealing which unsecured and unpaid creditors have recently incurred a financial loss as a direct result of a customer’s insolvency.


Gazette Notices Feed

Get real time access to London Gazette data, filtered and formatted according to your specifications. 


Unadvertised Winding Up Petitions

Discover unregistered and unpublished winding up petitions that are not available via the London Gazette.


Crown Dependencies Reference File

Complete database of crown dependency business registrations. 


State Aid

Comprehensive list of all UK, EU and Republic of Ireland businesses that have received government grants - including amounts and purpose.

Our services

Expert assistance for seamless data ingestion, integration and engineering.


Data Consulting

Understand how data can help your organisation and fill gaps in your existing data assets. Our experts advise you on best practice and help you implement it, making data your secret weapon. 


Data Engineering as a Service

Solve all of your data problems for a flat monthly fee. Our Data Nexus platform combines cutting-edge technologies with the best data practices, allowing you to audit, model, load and analyse data with ease.


Industry Recognition & Certifications

We are proud to have been recognised for who we are and how we approach our business every day. 

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We are pleased to confirm that we are Cyber Essentials Plus certified.