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Company Reports instantly summarised for you to understand the most notable risks and changes being faced by UK companies.

With our automated analyst at your fingertips you can leverage bespoke business insights specific to your needs.  The levels of analysis range from executive summaries with prioritised recommendations, to full summaries highlighting the most significant indicators, from reported positions across multiple organisations.



Real-Time Reports at a glance

Easily accessible UK company reports providing  actionable insights and digestible summaries in near-real-time. 

Evolve your approach from sifting through countless hundred page reports to seamlessly accessing the nuggets of gold with our automated digital analyst at your fingertips.

Executive Summaries

Prioritised Insights

Specify the bespoke business indicators you need to assess from the range of companies you are interested in.

Real-Time Reports Executive Summary then prioritises the critical company insights for you and consolidates into one customised document, instantly.  

Everything you need to focus your investigations and accelerate decision making. 

E.g. Exec Summary

Full Summaries

Detailed Insights

Specify the array of insights that you need to understand from multiple organisations' reported positions.

Set the scope of the analysis to what you need such as: all the new company reports submitted in the last week to Companies House.

Real-Time Reports Full Summaries then provides key risks, notable changes and summaries of each company's position (for every company you are interested in) consolidated in one customised document, instantly.

Everything you need to review the most significant indicators from a vast array of company information.

E.g. Full Summary


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