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Get the best of Infolink and know everything that's happening in insolvency in a daily, easy-to-read format delivered to your inbox every morning.

With Infolink Daily you can access and search the complete list of all insolvency related event data with us.  Understand risk and empower your daily decision making.




Everything that's happening in the world of insolvency delivered to your inbox every morning.

UK insolvency events take place across multiple different sources making it hard to get a complete view of what's going on.  Infolink Daily takes information from across our Infolink range and packages it into a single easy to consume file delivered to your inbox as a spreadsheet every morning. 

Data from the Gazette, the Courts and Companies House filings is included among many others.



Did you know?

> 450

Profit Warnings in 2023

5 times higher than in 2022


Debtor driven filings in 2023

37% increase year on year


Bankruptcy Orders in 2023

560% increase compared to 2021


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