An up-to-date source of new business prospects for commercial credit risk management solution providers.

Infolink Gazette is the only online provider of unsecured creditor lists in the UK.  We capture data from the liquidators statement of affairs, so you don't have to, giving you instant access to a database of almost 2,000,000 unsecured trade creditors.  Access and search the complete list of the most recent unsecured creditor data with us.



InfolinkGazette at a glance

A subscription only service that provides the most recent unsecured creditor data with powerful search parameters from size of debt to geographic location and everything in-between.

Fill the gaps

Be alerted immediately after an unsecured credit loss

Precisely define the type, location, age and/or size of unsecured creditors you are looking for and know when new unsecured creditor information is available.   View the details on your screen or download as needed.

General Search

Join the dots

Leverage the data linkages to see the story

You can simply switch to View Debtors and search the entire unsecured creditor database by debtor (the company in liquidation) and get lists of all the creditors associated with each debtor.

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Uncover the opportunities

Prospect directly from your download

You can further segment your prospects using the downloaded data or upload into your CRM for the ultimate integration.

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Get the detail

Further prospect information is just one click away

Request reports that provide insights from general company information, current/past/present directors, to filed accounts and mortgages and charges.


Did you know?


Unsecured Creditors

Added each year to Infolink Gazette

>£11.5 billion

Total UK losses 

Seen from unsecured creditors in a
single year.

± 2 million

Drive new business

With access to the ever growing unsecured trade creditor database 


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