Agile IT resourcing

Data expertise on demand

Expert assistance for seamless data ingestion, integration and engineering.


We solve your toughest challenges

Our services are based on decades of experience using data to solve specific business problems and unlock companies’ potential.


Data Consulting

Businesses possess huge volumes of valuable data. But they often don’t know how to get the most out of it, and struggle to fill gaps in their existing data assets. 

Our experts advise you on how to improve your data. We help you understand how data could help create a tangible advantage for your business and ensure you receive the insights you need to improve your performance. 


Data Engineering as a Service - Data Nexus

Getting the most out of your data is time consuming and expensive - from hiring a data team to sourcing your servers. Data Nexus solves all of your data problems for a flat monthly fee.

Our platform combines cutting-edge technologies with the best data practices, allowing you to audit, model, load and analyse data with ease. Includes support from the best data engineers, scientists and analysts in the business.

Your moonshot is our mission

Our experts tame complex challenges by getting to the heart of the problem and finding the pragmatic approach. We love new technology, but we'll always offer you a solution that is more efficient and cost-effective than it is fancy.


What can we get right for you?

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