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"TCL carried out comprehensive research into the breach and were able to put together all the relevant information. Their technological expertise and legal knowledge enabled them to provide a briefing on the issues that assisted me greatly in progressing the case"

- Ian Whitehurst, Barrister, Exchange Chambers

Recent years have seen a steady rise in the number of cases where companies have been affected by a data breach or contractor negligence, causing both legal issues for the companies involved and a loss of faith from their users.

In 2018, the problem has exploded. High profile cases like that experienced by Ticketmaster have shown what a huge problem this can be for even the best resourced companies

Tech City Labs realised the need for specialist consultants able to translate between the worlds of technology and law by offering data breach and technology litigation support to legal professionals, businesses and their insurers.

We offer a range of litigation support services, providing professional, timely and comprehensive technology and data advice backed up with a solid legal understanding.


"It was great working with the TCL team; I've no doubt that their advice on disclosure materials has given our clients a much better chance of success in this matter"

- Kingsley Hayes, Managing Director, Hayes Connor Solicitors

In the event of a breach, companies will often be forced to make public statements where the incident is acknowledged but little of substance is revealed, both regarding the negative impact on customers and the cause of the breach.

Tech City Labs' legal support starts by researching everything that is known about a case. Public statements may be minimal but there is often a wealth of other information available which we are able to uncover.

Things we look for include:

  1. Are security researchers already investigating?
  2. Are employees discussing what is happening on public forums
  3. Have the press reported recent organisational issues?
  4. Has the business previously suffered security problems or technology difficulties?
  5. Who are their IT suppliers, and what risks do they present?
  6. Where is the likely origin of the breach, and who is potentially responsible?

We can read between the lines. We know where to look, and what to look for.

Case study: Ticketmaster

In June 2018, Ticketmaster admitted they had experienced a serious data breach, with the data of tens of thousands of customers exposed to hackers.

Despite the limited public information available, we were able to identify how the breach had happened and when. We also found publicly available evidence as to the timing of events and when the plaintiff may have become aware of them.

With this understanding, we were able to advise on the mitigating and preventative steps that a business might take to avoid such a breach, and establish potential causes of action.


We understand technology, and we understand the law. Once we've found out everything there is to know about a case we provide a comprehensive briefing.

We can advise legal professionals on likely issues to look out for and scenarios that may arise in the course of litigation, enabling them to get the most out of their specialist knowledge.

Throughout the process, our experts are available to answer any questions and advise on the best course of action.

Case study: Dixons Carphone Warehouse

Just 6 months after the ICO had issued them with a near-record fine for a significant data breach, Dixons Carphone Warehouse suffered another huge data breach that affected 10 million of their customers.

Following a review, Tech City Labs produced a full briefing for our clients, giving them a comprehensive understanding of the technical issues raised by the case. This included an analysis of potential links between the two breaches, and suggestions as to where the breach may have stemmed from.


Tech City Labs' extensive experience in data and technology mean that we know how things should be done correctly, and where they can go wrong.

Our support and advice through discovery process can ensure that your legal team are asking for the right materials to establish what went wrong and why. We can tell you what processes to look out for, where corners might have been cut and how to interpret the materials you receive.

Case study: British Airways

British Airways were hit by the 'Magecart' hacking group in September 2018, resulting in the payment details - including security codes - of 450,000 customers being exposed.

Tech City Labs were brought in to help with the discovery process for a claim against them. Based on our research we were able to identify potential supplier issues, along with the source server of the breach.

Using this knowledge, we were able to advise our clients on the materials most likely to be relevant to any negligence claim, ensuring that the discovery process proceeded as efficiently as possible.

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